Why Hansen Imóveis to sell your home

Selling real estate is a profession

We at Hansen Imóveis can help you

Your property is special

We artfully unite extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives, throughout extraordinary marketing.

The Hansen Imóveis brand is synonymous with excellence, luxury property and a life well lived. In a world where first impressions are formed in seconds, our way to market your property as extraordinary, immediately sets your property as something special.

Your home can only be fully appreciated, when it is well represented.

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Sales success with Hansen Imóveis

The secret to a successful sale

Sitting the right price

Selling real estate is a profession. Only an experienced professional with complete understanding of the local market can set your property’s price with you, after thoroughly assessing the realities of the market (not too high, not too low).

Without the help of an expert, with experience in the complexities of a constantly changing real estate market, you run the risk of setting a sale price for your property on your own that is completely incompatible with the market, and then finding yourself in this situation.

Putting real estate on the market at a price that is too high – overvalued – could cause the property to lose value in the long run, since the property will not interest potential buyers. This represents a danger for the seller. There will be no viewings or counter offers.

Your home deserves to be well represented

We understand your home

To create value an extraordinary home needs the proper frame. Your home can only be fully appreciated, when it is well represented. Your home requires expert knowledge of its finishes, location and price point.

We understand what’s special about your home, so that we can create the perfect frame that will accentuate its best attributes. By doing so, we shift the conversation with the buyer from having a home to sell to having a special opportunity to own.

Why Hansen Imóveis to sell your home
Why Hansen Imóveis to sell your home

The unique needs of a home

We understand your buyer

The person who buys your home is as unique as the home itself.

Like you, the buyer of your home is living a complicated and busy life.

The actual decision to purchase is often made swiftly. Delays in addressing questions or concerns can end momentum. We are prepared to capitalize on the moment of decision.

Achieve your goals for your life

We understand you

You’ve designed your life your way.

We tailor our engagement to suit your lifestyle, your schedule, your timeline, and your risk orientation.

Once we have honed the opportunity of your property and identified our target buyers, we create a tailored strategy to achieve your goals.

Our unique understanding will drive decisions concerning pricing, timing, privacy and marketing.

Why Hansen Imóveis to sell your home

Selling real estate is a profession

Hansen Imóveis can help you selling your property

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Professional photography

Presentation and timing are everything. Our specialist ‘Protographers’ are trained to take professional photograph and write comprehensive property descriptions.

High quality photographs that make your property look as spacious and as bright as possible are key factors to attracting that steady stream of viewers.

Hansen Imóveis use professionel equipment to take photos and videos. We are educated to use professional programs and the spend the time needed to edit the  photos and all the videos, so that your home can be presented in the best way and attract buyers. Your home deserves to be well represented….

Be found between millions is an art

Rank high in search
engine results pages

Unfortunately, not many people click the ‘page 2’ results of Google, so it’s important to rank high for specific keywords.

We are proud of our high ranking in search engine results pages in the most important areas like Salvador, Lauro de Freitas and Litoral Norte and neighborhoods, condos and also on YouTube.

The benefits of our hard SEO work is, that our sellers homes have more chances to be found among the millions of pages that search engines rank.

Why Hansen Imóveis to sell your home

we work harder to get your home sold

Find international buyers

Our main website is in english, portuguese, spanish, italien and german, With this 5 linguals we can reach a lot of buyers and investors, who is searching properties in Brazil.

Beside our main website, we also have an english website only for luxury houses in Brazil. 

Our YouTube channel have 15.000 subscribers, so subscribe to our channel and our Newsletter, so you can be the first to see news from Hansen Imóveis.


Videos shows better the atmosphere

Home sold after one month

Hansen Imóveis is increasingly using videos, now a consolidated system of national and International communication, to show the properties in exclusive and the brand’s strength of Hansen Imóveis. Thanks to the movements in the videos, the user can feel a real experience and perceive the atmosphere of the place. 

Our videos do a great job of explaining to buyers, why a certain property will suit them. Our videos help them visualize the house and the atmosphere and lead them to visit the house later on.

An example is the video on the right. One month after this video was uploaded to YouTube, a potential buyer watch the video, travel to Brazil to see if the house was as shown in the video. The house was sold the same day.

Hansen Imóveis sell more homes using video marketing

Stats that prove the use of video marketing

  • Best ROI

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment (ROI). Marketers use video to increase following and gain more customers.

  • More sales

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Investing in video marketing guarantees a faster, more productive revenue growth (more sales). 

  • Rising visits
64% of consumers make a purchase after watching videos. Videos are an effective tool to display properties and neighborhoods. Video marketing are rising offers and requests to look at the sellers properties.
  • 157% increase

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs).  Videos increase rankings on search results.

Unfortunately, not many people click the ‘page 2’ results of Google, so it’s important to rank high for specific keywords.

  • Deliver message

Viewers retain 95% of a message, when they watch it in a video compared to 10%, when reading it in text. Video makes a longer lasting impression on prospects.

Hansen Imóveis wan´t to stand out from the competition and create a distinguishable message that works.

  • buyers demand

Consumer demand videos.

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

Websites can easily become wordy and hard to read.

Video marketing is without a doubt an excellent marketing strategy. 

We make extraordinary marketing
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Selling real estate is a profession

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Selling real estate is a profession

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Selling real estate is a profession


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