Why Get a FREE Valuation from Hansen Imóveis?


Accurate – Friendly – Professional

Hansen Imóveis is a real estate agency with years of experience and our real estate agents see hundreds of properties every year.

Our real estate agents are friendly and are highly trained. We do not over-value just to get your hopes up and secure your business.

We provide evidence of our research and reasoning. This gives you a valuation that you can rely on and get your property sold faster and to a good market price.

Free of Charge – No Obligation.

We do not charge for pre-sale valuations.

We will politely follow-up after the valuation, but we will not hassle you if you decide, that you would prefer not to sell or if you decide to sell with another real estate agent.

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Flexible – Convenient – Informative.

We can visit your property to provide you with as accurate a valuation as possible.
We will discuss the state of the local market with you and talk about property market trends.
By the end of the valuation process, you will have all of the information that you need to make a decision about selling.

Arranging Your Free Valuation…

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You get in touch

Fill-in the form on this page, email us or give us a call at (71) 9248-3864. We might need to ask a few more questions to give as accurate a valuation as possible.

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We research

We will do our research, based on the information that you have provided. We prepare your valuation, based on research and local knowledge.

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Make a valuation

We make a valuation by visiting the property. Alternatively, we can email you initially and visit the property for maximum accuracy later.