Performing financing

If you bought property in the plant, there will come a time when you will need to finance the debtor to receive the keys balance. And after choosing the bank where you will perform the funding, its Letter of Credit should go out between 15 or 60 days. Everything depends on the agility of the process and approvals from the bank. There is part of the credit approval and other contracting financing.

Credit approval
  • Simulate at least three banks, including what you are holder. The data at hand show the value that can be funded
  • Contact an agency to approve the hiring credit and financing
  • The bank initially asks some documents to prove income such as paychecks, credit card history, evidence of other investments
  • The bank checks if there is any impediment to financial institutions such as Credit Protection Service (SPC), SERASA and Information System of the Central Bank (Sisbacen).

Procurement of financing
  • Without any hindrance, documentation about the buyer, the seller and the property is delivered to the bank’s analysis
  • The property is assessed by accredited engineer the bank to determine the value of buying and selling. The assessment is paid by buyer
  • Approved documents, contracts are drafted and signed by the buyer’s bank agency
  • The buyer takes contracts for the Registry of Property and then to the bank, when registered
  • Registered with the contract, the bank releases the money to the seller of the property. Buyer pays the first installment after 30 day

Documentation necessary funding to hire

The solicitation documents may vary between banks. But in general are required

Processo de financiamento

To approve the credit

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of income, as the profession
  • Proof of current marital status

Processo de financiamento
For individual seller
  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of current marital status
  • Joint certificate of Debts on the Federal Taxes

Processo de financiamento
For corporate seller
  • CNPJ
  • Company Ltd – Contract and Social Changes, if any, recorded, original and copy
  • Individual firm – constituent document of the individual firm and changes, if any, recorded, original and copy
  • Anonymous Society – Social and Minutes of the last Board election status, and the original copy
  • Simplified Certificate Board of Trade, and appropriate
  • CRF days – provided by Box
  • Attorney for Public Instrument, seller or transferor, as the case
  • Indication of current account to receive the credit

Processo de financiamento
Property Documents
  • Updated registration and no tax liens and enforcement actions of debt or ownership of property
  • Copy of a purchase and sale agreement
  • We recommend proof of no condominium debt if necessary
  • Property taxes (ditto)
  • Valuation of the property taken by the financial agent accredited engineer

Processo de financiamento
Buyer to hire the individual funding
  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of current marital status
  • Joint certificate of Debts on the Federal Taxes

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