Frequently asked questions in Brazil

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Assignment and transfer

My property is located in a foreira area. How should I proceed?
In cases of real estate located in a foreira area, there is a fee to be paid, call Laudemio. This is a mandatory federal tax, equivalent to 5% of the updated value of the property, which will be charged at the time of granting of the final deed.In cases of real estate located in a foreira area, there is a fee to be paid, call Laudemio. This is a mandatory federal tax, equivalent to 5% of the updated value of the property, which will be charged at the time of granting of the final deed.
What is assignment of rights?
It is the contract, against payment or free of charge, for which the person right holder (transferor) transfers to another person (assignee) those rights, becoming the transferee holder of the rights hitherto the transferor.

When it comes to real estate, we have the assignment of rights when a person transfers to another the rights to receive an autonomous unit, which acquired by promise of sale and purchase, so that, during the deed, the transferee receives the ownership of the property.

The property rights on assignments must be reported in the Declaration on Real Estate Transactions (DOI) issued by notaries and are subject to payment of Real Property Transfer Tax (ITBI).

What is assignment of rights?

It is the contract, against payment or free of charge, for which the person right holder (transferor) transfers to another person (assignee) those rights, becoming the transferee holder of the rights hitherto the transferor.

When it comes to real estate, we have the assignment of rights when a person transfers to another the rights to receive an autonomous unit, which acquired by promise of sale and purchase, so that, during the deed, the transferee receives the ownership of the property.

The property rights on assignments must be reported in the Declaration on Real Estate Transactions (DOI) issued by notaries and are subject to payment of Real Property Transfer Tax (ITBI).

Can I Exchange of property you acquire on the other that Hansen Imóveis is offering?
The change of units is a liberal and is only possible during the construction period of your business, that is, you can not perform exchange of units in condominiums ready (with Occupancy Permit), even if the keys have not been delivered.

All request must go through the analysis, if any, for approval. To learn more, contact Hansen Imóveis

When can I resell my property?
You can resell your property at any time of construction, provided it is with their benefits in day. Therefore, please contact Hansen Imóveis.

The project supervisor will contact you and request a copy of the new buyer for analysis documentation.
At the time of signature will be taken in the Property Tax Property Transfer (ITBI) to the local government. The value of this tax varies according to local laws and the responsibility of the collection is the buyer.

I want to terminate my contract. What should I do?
To request the termination of his contract, you should contact Hansen Imóveis. After this initial contact, the supervisor of your venture will contact you to explain the conditions and terms of the contract and deal with the necessary procedures.

Secure property purchase

How can I get additional information about a developer?
Today, many developers have traded on the Stock Exchange. For this reason, must disclose its quarterly results. You can find the balance of these companies in their respective sites.

Another way would be to check if the construction in progress of developer have bank financing to meet the construction costs, because the funding is greater assurance that the work will be delivered, banks only grant undertakings which are in good health financial.

How do I know if I should trust a developer?
Getting information about the tradition of this developer, checking how long she works at the market.
Buying a property thinking about your retirement is a good strategy?
Yes. In addition to using the property as a source of income through rents in the long run, its value is overcoming inflation.
What is Real Estate Development?
Act to undertake a real estate project. It is the means by which one (person or entity) undertakes to build a building or set of them, with several independent units, and allowed to market the units that make up before or during the project construction phase.

For the Real Estate Development takes effect and allow the sale of independent real estate units, you must have your registration with the competent Real Estate Registry Office of your region, which also gives security to the purchaser as to the technical condition and reliability of the developer, the legality of design, characteristics and description of films, as well as the condo rules of coexistence. It is the process that allows the legal sale of a venture that is still on the plant.

What to meet in a sales booth?
The sales stand is usually built where a real estate development will be built. In it are exposed to model design, plants and pictures of the apartments, houses and common areas as well, most of the time, the apartment decorated model.

On the stand, also find themselves realtors trained to present the project and its sales table that includes the availability of units, their prices and payment methods.

What is the real estate brokerage?
Brokerage is a commission paid to the real estate agent for real estate brokerage services.
What is the apartment decorated model?
The apartment decorated model, usually built in the sales stands, is intended to show the apartment plant characteristics, while setting a decoration suggestion.
Who should I pay the value of the brokerage?
The brokerage is payable on real estate or real estate agent who has played the intermediation of purchase of your property.

This commission is only due to the real estate or broker to purchase the property is realized, ie after signing the purchase and sale commitment agreement.

How is the best way to pay for a property?
The best way depends exclusively on each buyer. You ought to examine the payment stream best fits your income.

Today, there are several financing with payment of up to 30 years and with very attractive interest rates. Normally, the apartments sold in the real estate projects already have a partner bank that offers this condition to buyers.

For sales booths, brokers can quickly simulate the monthly installment, depending on the term of the financing. Search and rate the best payment flow according to their financial capacity.

What is Fiduciary Alienation?
It is the instrument in which it transfers a debtor’s property to the lender as security for the debt repayment. The debtor remains in possession for the sake of own use. When the debt is paid off, the property is consolidated on behalf of the former debtor.
What expenses and obligations will I have to purchase a property?
When signing the deed of sale and purchase, the property of the purchaser liable for the payment of the property transfer tax (ITBI / ITVI), notary public expenses for the execution of the deed and record this before the real estate office.

The rate and the method for calculating the tax varies according to each municipality. Similarly, the notary public expense, with the Notary Notes and the Real Estate Registry, vary from state to state and should be consulted in the competent office. Upon receipt of the deed, the buyer should make the local council of the property taxpayer change to state that became the owner of the property, so that the collection of property tax to be routed directly to their care, since the owner is solely responsible for the said gathering.

You can use the FGTS in buying a property?
When signing the deed of sale and purchase, the property of the purchaser liable for the payment of the property transfer tax (ITBI / ITVI), notary public expenses for the execution of the deed and record this before the real estate office.

The rate and the method for calculating the tax varies according to each municipality. Similarly, the notary public expense, with the Notary Notes and the Real Estate Registry, vary from state to state and should be consulted in the competent office. Upon receipt of the deed, the buyer should make the local council of the property taxpayer change to state that became the owner of the property, so that the collection of property tax to be routed directly to their care, since the owner is solely responsible for the said gathering.

What is SPE?
The Special Purpose Entity (SPE) is a business company, which can be used in the form of a limited liability company or corporation, whose activity is clearly described in the social contract, having, in most cases, the period of existence determined by the specific purpose for which it was designed.

In cases of large developers, with various projects, the use of an SPE for each of the real estate is very common.

O que é uma SPE?
A Sociedade de Propósito Específico (SPE) é uma sociedade empresária, que pode ser utilizada na forma de sociedade limitada ou sociedade anônima, cuja atividade é claramente descrita no contrato social, possuindo, na maioria das vezes, o prazo de existência determinado pelo propósito específico ao qual foi concebida.

Nos casos de grandes incorporadoras, com diversos empreendimentos, a utilização de uma SPE para cada um dos empreendimentos imobiliários é muito comum.

What is a secured lot?
To ensure that the loteador promote infrastructure projects in accordance with the allotment characteristics approved the project, the municipality requires the loteador give as collateral some members subdivision lots.

This guarantee is endorsed on the registration of each of these lots by the competent Real Estate Registry. Once the acceptance of works by the city, the security is extinguished and the loteador can usually have the lots before the pledged the implementation of the upgrading project.

You can purchase a property through legal person?
Yes, regardless of whether its headquarters in Brazil or abroad, just that is regularly represented according to their contract or social status.

However, in the case of legal entities headquartered abroad, it is necessary to obtain a taxpayer identification number (CNPJ) to make the purchase of real estate in Brazil, as well as for tax purposes by the Receita Federal.

Can a foreigner buy properties in Brazil and how?
Yes! The alien, resident and domiciled in Brazil or not, with or without permanent visa, may acquire real estate in the country, originating from real estate development, in accordance with Law 4,591 / 64. But for that, you must have registration in the Registry of Individuals (CPF) as required by art. 20 of Instruction n ° – 461/2004 of the Internal Revenue Service.

No CPF in Brazil, the foreigner may not enter into public or private purchase and sale of property and applies for registration in the registry of competent real estate.

Abroad get a CPF, the following documents are required:

  • Valid and / or valid passport RNE
  • Birth certificate or marriage translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator and authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin
  • Registration Form Form Individuals completed

The application for a CPF can be done in Brazilian Consulates abroad, in the Internal Revenue Service, starting by mail or agencies of the Bank of Brazil. The foreign CPF request can be made by proxy.

Usually, developers require the non-resident alien in Brazil constitutes prosecutor in Brazil to comply with the following obligations under the contract and for communication purposes shipping regarding the development, progress of the work, etc.

What is the ``Alvará de Obra`` (license enforcement)?
“Alvará de Obra” is the building permit issued by the municipality in accordance with the cool venture project. The construction can only be started with this license in hand.
What is an allotment?
Under Federal Law No.-6766/79, the allotment is farmland subdivision into lots for the construction with opening new roads, public facilities or extensions, modifications or existing track amplifications. The allotment projects must be approved by the state and municipality, which take into account factors such as the choice of physically appropriate areas for urban development, integration with the urban fabric (guidelines), minimum percentages of areas for the formation of the road system, green areas, occupancy rate, coefficient of utilization and retreat, blocks and lots of sizing.

The approval of subdivisions in compliance with the provisions of Law 6,766 / 79 and in the master plan of the municipality avoids the disorderly occupation of urban areas allowing the harmonious development of cities.

Who approve the execution of works of a project?
The development of the project which will be composed of independent units is approved by the local council, who will issue the permits approval and construction, allowing the start of work.

Also, if necessary, the project should also be approved by other state and federal agencies as required by the municipality.

What is System SAC?
It is a funding system in which the works are decreasing, with constant amortization and declining interest.
What is the Price Table?
It is a financing system where the parcels are equal, increased depreciation and the value of declining interest. Also known as French Amortization System.
What is the adjustment index?
It is the index agreed upon in the contract for monetary updating of the amounts involved in it.
What is INCC?
Prepared by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, the National Index of Construction Cost measures the evolution of housing construction costs. It is usually used for correction of the real estate purchase agreements, applied during the construction period.
What is TR?
It is the Referential Rate used to correct Savings Account. It is also used to correct the properties of payment installments acquired by bank financing in post-key portions.
What is IGP-M?
Calculated by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, the General Price Index is released at the end of each month.

It is usually used for correction of the real estate purchase agreements, applied to the installments due after the construction period of the project and are payable directly to the developer, as foreseen by the purchase and sale.

Buy at plant

What is the advantage of buying a property at launch?
When you buy a property at launch, you can choose the most appropriate unit to your preference, and find, in this sales phase, the best price and terms of payment.
What does buying a property in the plant?
It means buying a property when it is being released. That is, the property is not set. It will be built and, after a period that usually ranges from 18 to 36 months, depending on the property type, will be delivered by the developer to the owner. For it is said that the property purchased in the plant is a good future delivery.
The property is handed over responsibility is the developer or builder?
The responsibility is on both sides, both the developer and the builder has to make delivery of the property.
What precautions should be taken to buy a property in the plant?
Make sure the chosen property really suits your needs with regard to size, location, leisure facilities offered and your plant.

Plan your future and analyze the value and the method of payment for this property fit in your ability to pay. Ensure that the project design is approved, and your Memorial registered Merger. Buy only from developers and healthy construction, with tradition and credibility.

What correction index usually used to purchase a property in the plant?
When buying a property with financing provided directly by the developer, in most cases, is used as a correction index of benefits INCC in the period of the property acquisition to completion, or even by the target date contractually .

After its completion, the adjustment index becomes the IGP-M. When buying a property with bank financing is adopted, usually the INCC in the period of the property acquisition to delivery, ie during the construction period.

After its completion and transfer of funding due to the Lender Bank, the adjustment index becomes the TR plus a financing fee laid down by it.

If I buy a property in the plant, I can resell it before your delivery?
Yes, and resale is done through the assignment of rights. This is because, in the case of property in the plant, the purchaser will only receive the deed of the sale after the registration of the completion of the work, with the consequent Property registration opening. And, in that it has not yet become legitimate property owner, can only convey the rights to receive that autonomous unit by selling promise and purchase of the property.

If this resale occurs before the full payment of the property price, the developer must attend this tool to consent and approval of the “new owner” and must be observed which has the contract originally signed concerning this sale or assignment of rights and any fees or other expenses incurred.

What is descriptive memorial?
It is a document signed with the Purchase and Sale Agreement, which includes all finishing materials to be used in a drive called a private area.
What is a map location?
It is the graphical representation of the exact position of land and comprises the region where it is located, with streets and neighboring land.
What are finishing options?
Environments are customized by constructors and developers in your property, in some enterprises, with finishing options, such as floors, tiles, dishes, among others. Depending on your choice, the option may be an additional cost to you.
What is the floor plan?
It is the graphical representation of the horizontal projection of a building, looking towards the ceiling to the floor, in all its extension.
What are plant choices?
In some projects you have the possibility to choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Environments are provisions options set by the developer or builder.

This is a service called Option Plan, which aims to leave your unit according to what you want, your way. So to make your choice among the options offered, you are assured that your new property will have a distribution of environments that will meet your needs.

Some displayed items may have additional charges. You will be informed about the values before validating your option.


How they prepared and how to know which standards the condo have, when the project is ready?
In Condo Convention and by laws are the rules governing the condominium, which are prepared in accordance with the peculiarities of the project and in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

One of the requirements for the incorporation of Memorial Registry is the filing of the draft Condominium Convention to govern the day to day of this undertaking when completed their works. With the registration of the building, is recorded Condo Convention along the lines of the draft filed when the registration of real estate development.

Any changes in their respective draft Condominium Convention after the registration of the merger shall be subject to approval by the buyers and science, and joined the new draft entail the re-ratification of the registration of real estate development. A copy of the draft should be made available to the customer when concluding the contract for acquisition unit of the enterprise.

When the assembly of the condo iis held, and when is due to contribution to the condo and other expenses?
As a rule, after the issuance of the Occupancy Permit by the local municipality, the developer shall convene the purchasers of units to install the condo and elect their representatives, if appropriate, from this meeting, the condominium fees and other expenses related to the operation of condo.
You can have an estimate of the value of condominium fees of the enterprise?
Yes. In releases of real estate projects, usually the developer, with the aid of a management company condos, estimate the cost per apartment.

Valley inquire to see if the cost of the desired property of the condo is suitable for your budget. It is important to consider that the estimated value of the condominium fee can range up to the installation of the condo with a view of changes of services and products prices.

What is the General Assembly condo Installation?
It is the first meeting of the shareholders, together with the company that will manage the condo, and also with the presence of the developer. It is at this meeting that, usually, it elect the liquidator, the subsíndico and condo board them.
What's contribution to the condominium expenses?
It is the expense that should be funded by each owner, from the condominium installation, calculated through the monthly forecast of the condominium common expenses apportionment.

This figure is composed of ordinary expenses (routine monthly expenses) and extraordinary, when properly approved by the assembly or by determining the condominium administration, when applicable.

Who can be the trustee?
The trustee can be any person or entity, joint owner or not, elected by the tenants to defend the interests of the same and, in the case of third party hired by the condo for that purpose.

On developments built in phases, the purchase and sale can envisage a time in which the liquidator in the condo will be the developer itself, which is done in order to provide the necessary conditions for the continuity of the works.

What makes a Condominium Administrator?
A Condominium Administrator is a provider of services focused on the condo property management.

There is the advice to the condo liquidator in all legal and administrative aspects, such as charges for condominium expenses, condominium expense payments, personnel management and other services that add value to the condo.

What is a condo
A condominium is formed by a group of people who divides a property owner each being a part of the whole. Since this is a community life, it is important to respect the rules and established procedures, but mainly respect the neighbors and the people who live in the condo, remembering that all have the same rights and duties in relation to the whole. To assist in the administration of the condominium, beyond the governing body to be elected by the assembly, there will be staff and a manager, all trained to guide and ensure the good life in society.

After the issuance of the Occupancy Permit the enterprise, there is the Installation Assembly of the Condominium. At that meeting is held the election of the liquidator and the advisory board.

I can not attend the Installation Assembly of the Condo. So what should I do?
You can send a person you trust provided with your attorney notarized, to be presented at the beginning of the meeting. In any case, after the meeting, the administrator of the condominium will send you a minute with all the topics discussed and agreed at the meeting.

The proxies of the shareholders thus are represented should be notarized in accordance with § 2, Article 654 of the Civil Code.

What are the laws and regulations governing the condo?
In the New Civil Code (Law No. 10.406 / 02), in his articles 1331-1358, and Law No. 4,591 / 64, in his articles that have not been revoked by the New Civil Code, the general rules of each project are set out in draft Condominium Convention, which is recorded at the time of incorporation of the enterprise.

In the later meeting the installation, shall be approved by the tenants the rules laying down details of the condominium rules, as schedules and procedures, among others.

The delivery of the common area as it is done?
After Installation of Assembly House, the survey and the delivery of all common area of the condominium will be performed, together with representatives of the governing body elected for verification and possible apparent addiction record.
When I start to pay the condo fee?
You start the payment of condominium fee according to the contract signed at the time of purchase of your property.

In the case of properties acquired during the construction period, you start paying after Installation Assembly of the Condominium. In cases of finished properties, ie, in which the Installation Assembly has already been done, you start the payment from the date of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. In both cases, the payment is not linked to the receipt of keys.

Agreement and legislation

What is committed to sale and purchase of property?
It is the particular contract or public why someone commits to purchase a property of another person (natural or legal) who undertakes to transfer you upon receipt of the agreed price, subject to the conditions therein expired.

With the signing of the contract, the buyer becomes acquisitive right holder of the property, and the law provides real right buyer in the face of the seller to demand the effective transfer of immovable property.

What is the Memorial of Incorporation?
It is the legal document that explains the object of the merger, detailing their private and common areas, form of use, features and enterprise data and your project, information and documents developer and all other legal requirements, detailed in Article 32 of the law 4.591 / 64, among others.

This document should be filed in the Registry of Deeds.

Why is it essential to record Imobiliáia Incorporation for sale units not yet built?
Brazilian law requires that the developer can only negotiate autonomous units in buildings under construction or to be constructed after the Merger Memorial registry.

The reason for this requirement is the fact that the incorporation assume the approval of the construction project, the documentary regularity of the property and the regularity of the developer documentary situation, which translates into legal security to the purchaser of future thing.

What law governs the Real Estate Development?
It is the Federal Law nº- 4591 1964 which provides for the Real Estate Mergers.
What documents should I check before signing a contract?
It is important that you check if the property meets the duly approved project and the license issued by the relevant municipal government. It is also essential to check the property of the registration certificate, in which shall appear that your Real Estate Development is properly registered.

It is also worth checking the draft Condominium Convention filed in the Merger Memorial Registry, bearing the future condominium rules.

I want to terminate my contract. What should I do?
To request the termination of his contract, you should contact Hansen Properties. After this initial contact, the supervisor of your venture will contact you to explain the conditions and terms of the contract and deal with the necessary procedures.
Can I buy a property represented by an attorney?
Yes, provided that the attorney is greater, able and is represented by public attorney with specific powers to do so and all other powers related to the business to be conducted, either at the signing of the contract or when the public deed.
How important are included in the contract all contractual conditions and the price actually paid?
The contract is the instrument by which will be ruled any obligation assumed by the parties, seller and buyer, and will last until the final settlement of these obligations. Thus, in case of need for any further questioning and, especially, need to undergo the Judiciary questions or conflicts to be resolved, the contract will be the instrument used as the basis of this assessment.

Hence the importance that all negotiations and agreements are properly provided for in the contract.

Why is no need to record the final deed of the sale?
In order to effectively operate the property title is transferred, the transmission title registration with the competent Real Estate Registry Office is required, pursuant to the art. 1245 of the Civil Code.
What is the difference between sale and purchase agreement and final deed?
The sale and purchase agreement is the instrument by which one party agrees to sell to the other particular property, for a price and conditions. The contract or promise of sale and purchase, can be effected by private agreement (and in this case, it should be noted the presence of two witnesses, review the qualification of the parties) or by public instrument (promise of deed of sale and purchase ) that in this case, is issued by the Office of Notes, which has public faith.

On the other hand, the final deed of sale is the instrument by which one conveys definitely immovable property to another, often pursuant to an agreement (promise) previously signed.

The final deed of an autonomous unit is drawn when it is duly completed, that is, with the registration of the construction of the project by the competent Real Estate Registry Office, provided that the unit is settled, or that the purchaser has obtained funding necessary for the payment of the outstanding balance.

What are the essential clauses to be included in a contract of sale and purchase of property?
In sale and purchase agreement are essential the clauses providing for: Property characteristics and the enterprise where it operates, price and payment method, method for calculating the inflation adjustment, if applicable, subject to interest, index and when of its applicability, which are subject to penalties the buyer in default and delayed due to the payment of the price on an adjusted basis, delivery time units and other obligations assumed by the developer.
You can tell the weather property tax IPTU before the delivery of the project?
The property tax values are calculated based on a rate determined by the municipality in relation to the market value of that property is situated. This, in turn, is determined as the built-up area and the area it occupies on the ground or a fraction.

Thus, before the delivery of the project and the completion of the works, estimated forecast of the amount to be paid property tax Property require prior consultation with the local city hall, depending on the criteria used for this calculation due to and after submission of documents requested, indicate approximate amount and estimated that imposto.Como addition, also in consultation with the local city hall, one can establish municipal criteria for the chances of discounts or exemptions from taxes.

What is property tax IPTU?
The property tax IPTU– Urban Building and Land Tax – is the municipal tax levied on land and buildings, and the taxable event of their collection is the real estate property located in the urban area.

Its basis is the market value of the property, assigned by the municipality where it is located through its own criteria that normally take into account their size, location and its construction standards.

Insurance is mandatory for the hiring any damage accruing during the execution of the works?
Yes, as provided for in Decree-Law 73/1966 nº-, Article 20, it is mandatory to contract civil liability insurance for real estate builder in urban areas for damage to persons or things.

Such insurance is intended to cover possible damage that may occur to others and own construction company during the execution of the work. The hiring of liability insurance that must be made, and the insured amounts shall be consistent with the bulk of the project and included in the respective policy.

When will I receive the final deed of the property purchased?
The property deed will be signed to the purchaser after the registration of the building and condominium specification, which in turn will take place after the presentation of the Occupancy Permit and CND-INSS of the work to the real estate office, and since the price is settled as contracted and that has no more burden to the property and / or contract funding.
What is grace for land delivery?
When purchasing a property in the plant, you are informed about the deadline for completion of the work. The shortage is additional time, usually six months, which can be used in the construction of the project, regardless of the occurrence of any fortuitous event or force majeure.
When the property buyer is married, your spouse must be mentioned also as the acquirer?
If the buyers are married under the regime of absolute separation of property, it is not necessary, because in this case, each spouse is free to manage its assets, including contract rights and obligations.

However, in other types of property regime (total communion, partial community and end participation in aquestos) spouse of the attendance is necessary since the conclusion of a commitment to purchase and sale of units there are several obligations that are incurred by both, for example, the collection of keys, providing guarantees (ex .: mortgage, collateral).

In this case as if the acquisition if it goes by proxy, it is necessary that both spouses appoint attorney by public attorney with powers to purchase the property and other related obligations.

What is private matter rate and public?
Court fee is the fee paid in cases of tenants properties annually by the holder of the business domain to the holder of the direct rule of the same (Union, municipality or private). The indication that the property is foreiro the Union, or to any particular municipality shall appear on property registration and also, if foreiro the municipality shall bear the Certificate property of Enfitêutica issued by the municipality and, if foreiro the Union, consist of specific record in Union Heritage Secretariat (SPU), the Internal Revenue Service.

In cases of tenants property of the municipality or the Union, verification is advised, to the respective agencies, the value of the forum and Laudemio, the tax status of the same, that is, if there are forum debts and / or Laudemio to be settled.

What is Laudemio?
Laudemio is an “income” that the Union, county or family is entitled to receive each time the seller or transferor transfers the rights of occupation, use, others the joy, and corresponds to the percentage of 5% of the current value of the property.

It is only because the Laudemio in costly transactions, not being due in donations and when received by inheritance.

When you need the payment Laudemio, the properties are named and tenants are those who have no property and, yes, the useful field by written contract, permiting the transmission by inheritance or sale signed by the holder of direct rule.

The properties can be tenants to the Federal Government, the municipality or any particular, the latter being a less common situation.

What does ITBI?
This is the Real Estate Transfer Tax. He is charged by the city whenever there is a transfer of ownership of any immovable property.

This rate varies according to the city where the property is located, and its collection is the buyer’s responsibility.

What is DOI and how it works?
DOI is the Declaration on Real Estate Transactions that notary shall issue to the IRS to inform noted real estate transactions, endorsed, hewn, enrolled or registered in the Notary Office of Notes, Real Estate Registry of Deeds and Documents and involving real estate, highlighting the identification of contractors and the value of the real estate transaction for any tax calculation purposes payable (capital gain).
What is DIMOB and who should issue it?
DIMOB is the Declaration of Real Estate Activities Information that real estate companies, builders and developers should send to the IRS, stating the details of real estate transactions, with particular emphasis on identification of contractors and the property, date of the transaction value and commission charged.
How to declare the property ready at IRPF, which is being funded?
In the declaration of IRPF, in the “Assets and Rights”, buying the property must be informed in the “Discrimination”, detailed the form of acquisition, that is, report that was financing object and, in the “Situation” , informed the actual amount paid in the year.

The following year, the value of the property stated in the previous year, should be added the value of the installments paid in the year, and so on, until discharge. Should not be declared in the “debts” as in the case of funded property, you should only report the amount paid every year.

How to declare the property under construction at the IRPF?
In the declaration of IRPF, the property must be informed of the acquisition in detail in the “Breakdown” column. In the “Situation” column, should be informed the amounts actually paid to date.
In that moment I consider the purchase of a property for tax purposes?
According to the SRF Normative Instruction n ° – 84/79, the acquisition of a property takes place at the exact time of contracting the operation, albeit with commitment to selling and buying, and since implemented the suspensive condition that was subject to the business .
When I collect any capital gain on the sale of a property?
The payment should be made until the last day of the month following the sale of the property and is equivalent to the rate of 15% applied to the difference found between the sales value and constant land purchase in the last Annual Statement of Income Tax.

Focus whenever the sales value exceeds the purchase. The purchaser of the unit should communicate the Declaration Adjustment Annual Income Tax, in the year after the operation, the details of the sale.

The specific rules governing taxation on the sale of real estate can be found in the manual available on the website of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (

When viewing a property, that taxation am subject?
When selling a property at a profit, that is, when the sale value is greater than the purchase price, there is a 15% incidence of taxation on the difference (capital gain). This tax must be paid by DARF.

There is tax exempt if the property sold has less than R$ 440,000.00, is the only asset of the taxpayer and the same has not sold any cars in the last five years.

There are other specific rules that can be found in the regulation of the Income Tax Internal Revenue Service.

What Brazilian law governing the condominium?
The rules on condominium can be found in Articles 1331-1358 of the Civil Code (10,406 / 2002) and Law 4,591 / 64, the first part, the articles whose content has not been altered or regulated by the Civil Code.
If I purchase a property by way of sale and purchase agreement, and in the time of writing, dies, who will receive the deed of the sale?
As a rule, the deed must be made on behalf of the estate and, therefore, court order of the presentation will be necessary for the estate receives ownership of the property. However, if the rights to the property receipt are shared among the heirs, the developer is required and notary formal respective share or shares of a public deed, duly registered with the competent registry of Real Estate Registry, so that the Scripture property is granted directly to the (s) heir (s) of the deceased.
How is the signature of the contract?
The contract is the first step to be performed after you have chosen one of our properties. All purchase documents signed by you and your personal documents will be forwarded to our regional office, where they will be checked and analyzed.

Once confirmed, shall be signed by company representatives of the enterprise and the financing bank, if any external funding.

What is the Notice of Receipt (AR)?
When hiring this Postal service, Rossi receives a receipt with the signature of the person who received the correspondence.

This procedure aims to ensure that you receive the correctly reported and have full knowledge of all procedures related to your property.

There is an aftermarket search?
After confirming your agreement to our system Hansen Real Estate will contact you (via email) to give the “welcome”.

Also, ask you to answer a survey to tell us what you think of the buying process. Your opinion is the best way to improve our products and services.


How to be a broker working for Hansen Imóveis?
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How do I sell real estate of Hansen Imóveis?
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Upon receipt of the property can reform it?
Upon receipt of the property, this can be reformed since:
  • The amendment to comply with design specifications and development projects
  • Has technical feasibility and does not generate any risk to the safety and soundness of the enterprise
  • Does not cause any damage to the other joint owners or common areas, subject to the terms of the Convention and the Internal Rules of Condo
  • Such reform is approved, where appropriate, in general meeting of unit holders called for that purpose
  • To compliance with municipal regulations and legislation and obtaining the required approvals in all bodies

How do you get the registration of a property?
The Property registration is obtained at the Register of the competent division, the request may be made through the registration number information, the property address or through the name of its owner.
What is registration of the building and when it occurs?
With the completion of the works, it is necessary annotated on it next to the property registration (enterprise). This is accomplished with the presentation before the competent Real Estate Registry Office, the Occupancy Permit and Debt Clearance Certificate to the National Social Security Institute (CND_INSS).

Only after the analysis by the Registrar of Record, which usually occurs within thirty (30) days of the said documents Protocol, the registration of the building is effected by the property registration.

What Occupancy Permit ``Habite-se``?
The Inhabit It is the auto completion of the work built in accordance with the approved projects. Occupancy Permit is issued by the municipal government and authorizing the developer to carry out delivery of the enterprise and stand-alone units to buyers.
What is the process of granting and registration of the deed?
For the scripture be granted and taken the record, some steps should have been completed earlier: the property must be settled and ready, it is necessary that the occupancy permit is endorsed and, in the case of the State of Bahia, condominium specification must have It has been registered, and low mortgage must be recorded at the Property registry.

Although the writing can be made at any notary notes, Hansen Properties indicate some who already have the project documents in order to facilitate the process. Contact Hansen Real Estate and stay knowing what is the most appropriate registry for you.

Hansen Real Estate does not provide the final deed for others, that is, it is granted to the constant current owner in our database (or system). If the client is settled with his unit and negotiating your property with others, you can work the deed of purchase and sale with assignment and transfer collecting the relevant taxes. one ITBI is charged related to the assignment and another for the purchase and sale. For the registry value, it is necessary to refer to the table of the competent office.

What is the value of the grant and the deed registration?
The amount paid, including taxes and notary expenses, is approximately 4% of the value of purchase and sale. This value is calculated by the office.
What is the difference between private agreement and public deed?
The particular instrument can be signed between the parties, with the presence of two witnesses, like the particular contract of promise of sale committed before discharge debt and units under construction.

The deed is the document drawn up in the Notary Notes. Remember that the private purchase and sale agreement, mortgage financing, chattel mortgage and other pacts have public deed force.

Why sign the deed of the sale?

Registration ensures their rights in society and the state.

Under the Civil Code, the total acquisition of a property depends on the scripture record, which is the completion of the sale specified in the property registration, when property ownership is finally transferred.

Property Financing

Hansen Imóveis has a specialized business services in Real Estate Advices?
To make you feel more safe and quiet to take care of its financing procedures, Hansen Imóveis puts at your disposal the services of a company specializing in Real Estate Advisory.

This support will have no additional cost and will be held by professionals with great experience that will help in funding the hiring process with the Bank or Caixa Econômica. So you have all the security and convenience of a company updated with current legislation, which it undertakes to deliver quickly the property documents and own Merging for analysis of the Bank or Caixa Econômico.

What is Behavior?
Behavior is term used for proof of ability to pay through the payment history of installments payable strictly on schedule.

Many banks have this mechanism to approve the bank financing a property. That is, if the buyer repay their installments on time during the construction period, will be able to have your financing approved after the property of receipt.

What documents are required to prove income?
To prove income, the last three payslips, income tax reports or bank handling extracts are usually requested.
What is credit analysis?
Credit analysis is the study of the conditions of sale of the property and buyer characteristics in order to ensure that the operation is performed according to parameters and credit policies accepted by the banking market, in order to allow the transfer in the future, noting that not is accepted in credit analysis the existence of cadastral restriction.

The credit analysis always occurs in two stages, the first to be sold and then at the time of transfer.

How is the advice for financing procurement purposes and what is its purpose?
The advice for financing procurement purposes is effected by a specialized company that assists in the credit analysis process, documentary and legal, in order to expedite and ensure the perfect formalization of secured credit agreements, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements in force, in addition the parameters and policies established by the contracting institution.
What documents are required to hire the bank financing?
The documentation may vary according to the financial institution. But are always requested documents from the seller, the property, as well as personal documents and the buyer’s income proof.
What documents are required for my proof of income?
The document ratio may vary according to the source resources. That is, there are changes if you are employed, self-employed or self-employed professional. Thus, their evidence can be made through payslips, DECORATE, IR, among others.

The documents to be presented may also vary according to the financial institution used. Below you will find a standard list of documents, but in due course, the expert advice given will inform you of all the details.

What are the costs with the transfer process?
The costs of the transfer process are borne by the purchaser and include advisory costs, notary and registration fees and the Well Property Transfer Tax (ITBI), values which vary according to the value of each property.

The tax and fees are due because there is the final transfer of the property to the purchaser that the offer as collateral to the bank by the contractor financing.

When I start the bank transfer process?
Financial institutions for credit release, require the property legalization to have it as a guarantee of payment of the debt, either by mortgage or the Collateral. The Property legalization is a series of concatenated acts, from the completion of construction, with an average duration of 90 days.

The letters of credit provided by the financial institutions have average validity 90-180 days. Thus, the beginning of the bank transfer process should take place 30-60 days before the completion of construction.

What is Letter of Credit?
The Letter of Credit is a document issued by a financial institution to the buyer of a property with your credit already approved. This document may be used for the acquisition of any property which is ready with the registration of its construction performed.
What is bank transfer?
Bank transfer is the capture of financial institution resources for land settlement with the contractor.
What is the balance due?
Outstanding balance is the remaining amount to the total discharge of a property. The outstanding balance is adjusted monthly according to the indices and interest rates agreed upon in the contract.
What options for property financing?
Your choice is made upon purchase. This decision depends on your ability to pay and the rates offered by financial agents on acquisition of funding. You can opt for direct funding to the Merging Company (Collateral), by bank financing or Caixa Econômica. At the time, you can simulate the term with plots of values for payment and the interest rate with the financial agents to assess the best option according to your income.

To learn more, contact Hansen Imóveis.

Can the FGTS be used in property financing?
The FGTS can be used to discharge the Contract or to the amortization of financing subject to the rules and conditions laid down by the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), the main agent of public policies of the federal government. For more information, visit

Remember that CEF sets a maximum value of evaluation for the use of FGTS, regardless of the value of sale. The CEF will make the assessment of the Unit for approval and the release of their FGTS.

What is Credit Associative What is Credit Membership?
It is a financing option, direct to individuals for the purchase of a property in the plant or in construction. This facility has the delivery guarantee the Federal Savings Bank and has some features that can make it interesting for you.

The owner of the funding period may be up to 360 months. You can use the balance of the FGTS for payment during the construction period and the interest rate is low and compatible with the income of the buyer and the property price. In addition, ITBI rates and record in office are also reduced.

Abide up

What is the Occupancy Permit ``Habite-se``?
Occupancy permit is a certificate issued by the city by allowing a newly built property can be occupied. It can also be called self completion of work.

For issue of this document, the building goes through several surveys of regularity, all carried out by technicians and engineers of the city hall and the fire department. In these surveys it appears that the work has been performed as project approved and meets the various legal requirements (opinion of the power company, fire department, gas company, among others) for housing. The granting of the Occupancy Permit is one of the prerequisites for the property occupation.

Can I have a copy of this document?
Yes, Hansen Imóveis can send you a copy via mail or email. To do so, please contact Hansen Imóveis
When you leave the Occupancy Permit my project, I can already change me
Key collection will take place after the release of the Occupancy Permit and Condominium Installation and is linked to the signing of the financing or property of the discharge.
What is Spec Condo or Annotation of Occupancy Permit?
After the release of the Occupancy Permit is necessary to await the publication of this in the Official Gazette. It is then required, with the INSS, the CND building. The CND and the Abide up are taken in the Real Estate Records Clerk to regulate construction.


What is mortgage?
It is a real security interest often used as a way to ensure a loan through the availability of immovable and movable property (such as aircraft and ships, for example) to the payment of the debt.
Is there a mortgage on my property?
The existence of mortgage is determined in your contract.

This procedure of granting the mortgage of future units to the issuance of the Occupancy Permit is usually practiced in the construction sector, and also does not cease to be a guarantee that your property will be built and delivered.

How can I download the mortgage to record the deed?
You should contact Hansen Imóveis to request the low right after the registration of Abide up.

After the registration of the Occupancy Permit Hansen Properties ask the financial institution the mortgage term cancellation of units settled with own resources, according to the deadlines established in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.


What is technical assurance and where meeting their deadlines?
Technical assurance is the period in which the construction and / or developer is responsible for the suitability of the product for performance in use which normally is expected of it and for the vices that have been observed in the interval.

Their maturity is delivered by the builder and / or developer upon sale by Owner’s Manual Guarantees and also in the Owner’s Manual, specific to your unit, acquired upon delivery of the keys.

What is the procedure for receiving the property?
Upon completion of the works, which is characterized by the issuance by the local municipality, the certificate of completion (Occupancy Permit), the client must be convened by the developer to perform the inspection of the property which, being duly in order, you can imitido be held observing all the provisions of the contract. Usually, when there are still outstanding balance of the price to be paid by the customer, this will be imitido in possession of the property from the signing of the final deed of sale and purchase with Collateral agreement or other similar guarantee or even when contracting bank financing aimed at the payment of the outstanding balance.

In most cases, the signing of these instruments will only happen after the registration of the construction and record specifying condo at the competent Real Estate Registry, with registration opening for each autonomous unit. In the event that the price of standalone unit be properly settled, the client can be imitido in possession of your property as soon as the survey carried their autonomous unit.

From that time the property has an enrollment?
Registration is open when the first record of a particular property. In the case of independent units, the individual registration of each autonomous unit is created, usually when the registration of construction and institution / specification condominium or, in some registries, since the incorporation of memorial registry and in such cases, usually in book assist record, until construction is completed.
What is the registration of a property?
A comparison can be made saying that the property registration is its “birth certificate”. It is the property of identification that lists all your data such as description, features and films, procurement and sales history, data from predecessors and current owners, the existence of liens and encumbrances, property tax identification etc.
What is VAT number and when it is assigned to my property?
The number of contributors is the tax identification number assigned by the city property to identify that. As a rule, depending on the location, before the registration of the condominium construction and specification, the developer, upon request, asks the municipality to open tax registration of each autonomous unit of the enterprise, so that each is taxed individually.

However, this is a prerogative of the municipality, and this procedure varies from one city to another.

What is Finishing Memorial?
Finishing Memorial is the relationship of finishing materials to be used in the construction of the building. This memorial must be submitted and signed by the buyer in the purchase of automobiles Act.
Can I buy adjoining apartments and efetur Junao one of them? What are the rules?
The junction of contiguous apartments upon approval by the municipal government is possible and other relevant bodies, and one should always observe the specific rules of each municipality. At junction hypothesis of two or more units, the purchaser shall pay for all fees and expenses equivalent to each of the units they own.
What types of parking spaces and how to identify them in each case?
The parking spaces may be included in the common areas or be autonomous units.

The common spaces are indeterminate and members of the public area of the stand-alone unit, whose use is defined by the Condominium Convention. The autonomous spaces are independent and not part of the total area of autonomous units, with them disconnected and having areas and own ideal fractions and individual enrollment and are subject to taxation by property tax.

When I buy a property you can modify the plant and the finish of it?
Some developers allow their customers to choose plant alternatives and finishes that suit your needs. The choice of these options need not be performed at the time of purchase, during the launch phase. Usually, stipulates a deadline in which the client can request the implementation of these changes.

Requested changes may incur additional costs to the buyer.

The common areas are delivered equipped and decorated? What's the point?
There are projects that are delivered with their common areas already decorated and equipped. This procedure is advantageous because it prevents, in the first few months after installation of the condo, residents have to bear additional costs to perform these services. Worth checking at the time of purchase, if the decor will be charged to the part of the property price.

There are situations in which this is accomplished and others, it does not.

What is total area?
The total area of an autonomous unit is the sum of the private area (area inside the unit and exclusive use of the purchaser) and share of the common area (area outside the unit and common use of the other joint owners) that it is for that unit.
What is private area?
It is the area of a property, measured in square meters, the exclusive use of its owner, ie, the internal area of the apartments bounded by the outer surface of the walls.
How do I know the size of the house to be built in a specific lot?
For filing Allotment Memorial by the competent Real Estate Registry Office, a document that records the allotment of features and the lawfulness of the procedure for approval, detailing at loteador, among other items, the housing conditions of the settlement and is required limitations imposed on their lots and buildings, such as setbacks, limits, and other building standards.

Such standards are usually provided by the Residents Association of Allotment, which also monitors whether they are being properly fulfilled. In addition, please observe the guidelines and restrictions contained in the municipal law where the subdivision is located.


And if during the Inspection I notice a problem?
You fill in a survey list with items relationship to be granted in the company engineer/broker. All notes will be raised settled and you will be called to make a new Inspection.
What hour can I inspect Inspection of my property?
Normally, the Inspection is carried out from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 16h, by appointment.
What is inspection of a property?
The inspection of the property is the act by which the buyer, after convening of the developer, appears in the property, accompanied by a qualified professional appointed by the developer to see if the property was built in accordance with the descriptive text and the same lies in working condition, in which case sign inspection of the property bulletin demonstrating its agreement with the dificação, requisite to regain possession of it.
When can I inspect my property?
You will be informed about the period available for Inspection of your unit and so schedule with Hansen Imóveis to date and the most convenient time. Remember that the inspection is scheduled in the period close to the date of Occupancy Permit, ranging from enterprise to enterprise.

Please feel free to contact Hansen Imóveis directly on the phone(71) 9248-3864